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Elaine Williams


The SAVE act- Sexual Violence Elimination Act will be mandatory for students entering school.  Elaine Williams will educate students in a way to get the message across.

President Obama signed the SAVE Bill that Requires the following from colleges & universities:

• Increase transparencey about the scope of sexual violence on campus

• Guarantee victims enhanced rights 

• Provide for standards in institutional conduct proceedings 

• Provide campus community-wide prevention educational programming.

• Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders

• 50% of individuals with eating disorders abuse alcohol or illicit drugs



• Health professionals often overlook the link between substance abuse, sexual assault and eating disorders


Elaine Williams, “girl next door” , had it all, the brains, the charm, and talent to be  drill team captain, a national honor society member, on the dean’s list and involved in her choir and community.  What she hid was she was also victim of emotional and sexual assault which led her to abuse her body with food and substances becoming bulimic and putting her life at risk.

Realizing it takes the same amount of energy to make yourself strong as it does to be miserable Elaine started her journey to a healthy life.  Today as a certified Life Coach, she uses her comedic talent to engage audiences in discovering that the way to your heart is not through your stomach, and happiness is not found in a bottle.

In Elaine’s “Emotional Eating” workshop, she shares her eating disorder journey and how she was able to stop abusing herself with food, dieting, and laxatives. She addresses why so many students struggle with stress eating and offers tools and solutions for breaking the habit now before it’s too late.

With Elaine’s “Last Call” program, she shares her “highly functioning addiction” story, peppered with hilarious jokes about her put-the-fun-in-dysfunctional-family. She shows the students why Moderation-is-Sexy and how to party safely and responsibly. She addresses the pressure of wanting to do well in school while also feeling pressure to connect socially, fit in, and be cool.

An average of one in 6 women and one in 32 men in the United States experience some form of sexual assault in their lifetime. Given the fear and stigma associated with the crime, sexual assault remains one of our nation’s most under-reported crimes in both the military and civilian community. Invariably sexual assault and substance abuse go hand in hand and awareness about moderation is key.In "Party Fouls" Elaine talks frankly about Sexual Assault.  How to not be a victim, how to be on guard and what to do should there be an assault.  Invariably sexual assault and substance abuse go hand in hand and awareness about moderation is key.

Elaine Williams is an award winning stand up comedian who has appeared on Saturday Night Live, HBO, ABC, NBC, FOX, and featured in The New York Times. This sassy comic’s inspiring and soul-baring story of food, drug, and alcohol addiction is as educational as it is entertaining. She uses her training as a Certified Ford Institute Coach to fully engage and interact with her audiences. Students walk away with practical and simple tools after having a transformational and fun experience.

Students want to be involved and respected, not talked-down-to; so Elaine makes it personal and interactive for each individual group.


"I was impressed with you and your story -- the enthusiasm and passion that exudes from you is contagious" --make sure that stays with you as part of your DNA --  
Kevin Eastman
Assistant Coach
Boston Celtics
2008 NBA World Champions
2010 NBA Finals

I was one of the RAs who spoke to you personally at CNU. I just wanted to say again that I really appreciate what you did for me as well as for the CNU community as a whole on Wednesday. Your attitude, humor, and outlook are much needed in these crazy times we live in. I hope you can continue to do innumerable amounts of good in this world. RA at Christopher Newport University, VA

We had Elaine come to campus and speak during new student orientation. Based on the student conversations that were still happening weeks after her performance, I can say that this was a valuable and educational experience for all those who attended. In sharing her own experiences and lessons from her "school of life" education, Elaine offers students tools to deal with stress and suggests ways to have fun safely and to make healthy life choices.  She is a witty, dynamic, and engaging speaker, and we can't wait to have her back on campus."    Dean of Students  Dominican University of California

"I loved how she included all of the audience and made it personal to us." 
Journalist, University of Washington-Tacoma

"Both of her lectures just blew us away. We want to have her back for her one day workshop. We want more!"
Student Activities Board President, University of Washington-Tacoma