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Contact Me About This Speaker

Peter Bielagus


Peter Bielagus is the "GO TO" guy for young people and their money. He has been a licensed financial advisor and the author of Getting Loaded: A Complete Personal Finance Guide For Students and Young Professionals published internationally by Penguin Putnam.

Students love his talks because he has been there and done that –falling $5,000 into credit card debt his freshman year and then digging his way out.

Peter's credentials have included working as a licensed financial advisor and real estate and tax consultant. Now as full time consultant for colleges, corporations and the military  Peter now travels the globe, mixing humor and emotion into his financial, motivational and leadership talks. 

Peter is available to solve your students’ toughest financial dilemmas since he will spend an entire day on campus.

Sometimes it's hard for students to attend and evening lecture- so Peter will actually make it a point to visit classrooms or be situated in a high traffic area.

Invite Peter to meet with clubs and organizations including Greek life, First Year Experience and Career Counseling.

"Peter Bielagus was fantastic! Extremely knowledgeable & entertaining. He took on a good deal of personal, financial situation questions from our students and offered real-life, easy to comprehend solutions. Big thank you to Peter!"

Michelle Burger, M.A.
Lincoln Land Community College
Student Events Coordinator