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Leighann Lord

When Your Empty Nest Smells Like Bengay and Mothballs

This talk is great for organizations whose employees and members who are dealing with this delicate and difficult stage of work/life balance.

What do you do when your parents need parenting? People are living longer and medicine is curing less. Adult children, still deep in their careers, or just starting to daydream about retirement, are finding themselves in a Freaky Friday role reversal they may not be prepared for. (So much for the empty nest.) Maybe your parents are fine, but there may come a time when they’re not. Then what?  

With heart and humor this lively presentation will explore the tools you need (and may already have and just don’t know) to help you handle one of life’s biggest twists including: 

1.    Getting Help
2.    Managing Their Health (And Yours)
3.    Prioritizing Self Care
4.    Developing Empathy
5.    Picking Your Battles
6.    Looking for the Life Lessons

Attendees will take away concrete ideas to help them manage this unique type of work/life balance. This topic includes Leighann Lord's Resource Guide for caregivers. 



Since 2011, Leighann has done humorous and motivational keynote talks for women’s organizations, businesses, associations, foundations, colleges, universities, and civic groups. 

Over the years, Leighann has taught Stand-Up Comedy Boot Camp classes helping aspiring comedians find their funny and giving them the confidence to share it on stage. She has done classes at the World Famous Comic Strip, The Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop and the Legendary Apollo Theater. She also does one-on-one private comedy coaching.

Leighann is the author of Dict Jokes: Alternate Definitions for Words You’ve Probably Never Heard of But Will Definitely Never Forget, Volumes 1 & 2. Readers have said, “If you like words, this is a funny book!” and “Leighann Lord's comedy is as smart as it is funny, and this book is a great representation of that. It's worth much more than the cost!” Leighann’s latest book, Real Women Do It Standing Up: Stories From the Career of a Very Funny Lady, has been called “Witty and unexpectedly vulnerable. Guaranteed laughs and wistful smiles. Perfection.” 

She is the creator of the blog and podcast, People with Parents, where she writes and talks about suddenly being the caretaker of two elderly parents, which is severely cutting into her regularly scheduled midlife crisis.

Leighann has been seen on ABC, AspireTV, BBC, CBC, Comedy Comedy, Gospel Music Channel, HBO, Lifetime TV, NBC, SiTV and VH1. She has been a co-host on NiteShift (WBAI Radio, NYC) and the Emmy-nominated StarTalk (Radio & NatGeo) with astrophysicist, Dr. Neil de Grasse Tyson. 

Leighann has been featured in numerous media outlets including Time Out New YorkThe New York Daily Newsand Mel Watkins’ book On the Real Side: A History of African-American Comedy. She received the NYC Black Comedy Award for “The Most Thought Provoking Black Female Comic.”  Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., named her one of the Northeast Region’s Significant Seven for her contribution in the field of entertainment. And for two consecutive years, Leighann was Harlem Week’s official comedian. (The only other comedian in Harlem Week’s history to earn that distinction was Richard Pryor.)

Her goal is to inspire and entertain.