Will & Company


Justice For A New Generation

Fifty Years On

A visionary series laying bare the social justice & diversity issues of today against those of fifty years ago.

Diversity is just another name for Segregation
— Jonathan Kozol
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Contact Me About This Speaker

Will & Company, the award-winning creators of the critically acclaimed Faces of America and Portraits of Courage  anthology of plays, presents a cutting edge new series, 50 Years On, a collection of seven diverse, multicultural productions that dissect the social justice issues the new college generation must face.

About the Presentations:
The 65 minute, multi-media, 3-actor performances are intimate reflections of today's America, both accessible and provoking. Post show Q&A with the performers and playwright provides audience members the opportunity for dialogue regarding the issues presented in the play while engaging with their own communities in a discussion of their own challenges.

The Los Angeles based Will & Company has nineteen years of experience creating and presenting diverse, justice-centered performances targeted at college audiences. The theatre ensemble’s work has been presented at more than five hundred colleges, throughout the entire United States, and at more than 30 national conferences, including, NCORE, NACA, APAP, WAA, NODA, the National Conference of Social Justice, the International Conference of Fulbright Scholars, and many others.

The Plays:
Orientation/FYE - Then & Now: A Synonym For Segregated
Latino Heritage - What's Up Carnal? 
LGBTQAA - Nothing Queer About It
Native American Heritage - Wounded Body & Soul
Black History Month - Soul of a Nation
Women's History - A Way To Go
Asian American History - A Big Mountain To Climb