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Troy Stende

Since 1998, Troy Stende has been helping colleges and universities develop their student leaders and increase retention rates by delivering life-changing programs that he has shared in 47 states, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and the Bahamas. With a 78% rate of repeat bookings, Troy has become an integral part of orientations, retreats, and leadership series on campuses. 


Troy is the co-author of: “College Success Secrets: What They Don’t Teach You in the Classroom” as well as a contributing author to numerous other books on success and leadership for college students. His college experience as a Kappa Sigma Fraternity member and a NCAA Division 1 gymnast, taught him a lot about academic and personal success and relating to the college audience. Troy has appeared on National Public Radio and was featured in USA Today. 


His passion and enthusiasm for life are contagious, unstoppable, and quite evident when you see him back flip on your stage! Audiences love him because he’s energetic — positive — and 100% genuine as he empowers students to discover their full potential and turn that potential into a reality.


Board Breaking:

"It truly was a great experience that that has been the topic of several conversations with our students this week.Your efforts have inspired them to “break through” those habits that have held them back and become the leader they wish to be. Let’s hope the students continue the journey!"

– Steve Brady, M.A.
Manager/Campus Life Office
St. Louis Community College at Meramec


This program was astounding! Students face so many barriers in today’s world, and to have someone show us that we can powerfully overcome our barriers is incredible! Justin Stiles, Student, Ohio Northern University, Ohio


Leadership Conference:

"We have just had an incredible leadership conference with Troy. We are so lucky to have him back here. We are looking forward to having him back tons of times in the future.  It was great! Everyone was involved- it was enthusiastic and interactive. Between the smiles and tears, it was a great day. I appreciate everything you have done for us."

– Michael Sanseviro, Director, Student Life, GA Perimeter College, Georgia


"Troy and so much value to our leadership conference with his energy, enthusiasm. You can see the passion he has for what he is doing – it just exudes.  You can’t help but be infected by his passion – he is provoking people to be the best persons they can be to add value to themselves, to their brothers and sisters, to their families, and to their communities. You would be blessed to have him be a part of your leadership conference or activity. He will provoke you to action."

– Irene Prue, Dean of Students, GA Perimeter College, Georgia


Orientation Icebreakers:

“Troy Stende was a key part of making our 2009 TechConnect new student orientation one of our best ever! Our main goal this year was to focus on helping students make connections with each other right from the start and Troy’s icebreaker session was exactly what we needed. Not only was it an energetic, fun, top-notch event in and of itself, but the excitement and expectations created during that time spilled over in a positive way to the other activities we had planned during that week."


"If you need help getting your students to come out of their shells; connect with each other, and learn to think positively about their upcoming semester, you should definitely consider Stende Inspirations!”

– Matt Hauge

Associate Dean of Students

Arkansas Tech University


Orientation Leader training:

“I cannot express how much I appreciate the depth and "core" of what you brought to our group. You helped us bond, expand, and connect in such a deep and impactful way. Our team would never have been this great without you. This summer was an absolute blast. We did not have ANY of the problems with attendance, performance, connection, negativity, etc..., that we normally experience in our orientation season. I know that a large part of that has to do with the work and team building that you brought to our group. This OL group was more bonded, collaborative, and genuinely caring than I have ever seen in the last two years of orientations since we've started. All of this after their salaries were cut from the year prior! I am so impressed with you and your work. Your tone, demeanor, and ability to get us all energized yet THINKING is amazing...We know who we want again next year- YOU!”

 – Sarah Reed

Orientation Coordinator

Florida Gulf Coast University, FL


Leadership Training:

[The BEST IDEA I gained from this program is that] this will help me and other committee members work together. Elliott Harris, Student, Saint Paul College, Minnesota


Be the Change/Authentic Leadership:

This is a wonderful program – by the end, I could not help but to smile because I felt so good about myself and about the difference I can make on my campus.

– Erin Tess, Student, Ashland University


This is the best session. Every time I attend this session, it makes me feel good about myself, gain confidence in myself, and believe in my self. Thanks for everything.

– Judy Freese, Student Senator Advisor, Marshalltown Community College, Iowa


Being able to open up to someone unfamiliar gave me a new belief that I can do it. The experience was overwhelming.

– Lori Stewart, Coordinator, Student Organizations, Jackson State University,


Words are alive and operative. They have the power to make or break you. 

– Ramel Evans, Student, Florida Community College, Florida